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    • Development of international activities of structural divisions, employees and students of the Institute;
      Development of cultural life, scientific activity and educational process of the Institute in cooperation with foreign educational and cultural centers, foundations and educational, scientific and cultural representations of foreign countries.
    • Development of semi-annual and long-term work plans of the department;
      Creating a system for publishing information on educational, scientific and cultural programs, projects, competitions and grants;
      Providing advertising information on research projects and educational programs of the Institute;
      Providing advisory assistance to the staff and students of the Institute for participation in international programs and projects, as well as assistance in the participation of foreign educational institutions, institutes and foreigners in educational, scientific and cultural programs and projects of the University;
      Coordination of international activities of the structural units of the Institute.
    • Defining current and future tasks of the department and development of international relations of the university;
      Providing information and search for international programs, projects, competitions and grants to staff and students of the faculties of the Institute;
      Providing visa assistance, advice on participation in international programs, projects, grants;
      Implementation and organization of events in cooperation with foreign funds for the development of international relations;
      Participate in the organization of accommodation of invited speakers and scholars, as well as visits of foreign delegations;
      Participation in the organization of presentations, foreign exhibitions in order to promote the educational, scientific and cultural activities of the Institute;
      Registration and control of foreign business trips of employees and students of the Institute;
      Providing the web-site of the institute with information about the department;
      Monitoring of cooperation agreements with foreign educational and scientific institutions, organizations and foundations of the Institute.