Chief Accountant of Nukus branch of Navoi State Mining Institute


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  • Recently, information technology is entering all spheres of our lives. Computing departments also operate on the basis of new computer technologies, which operate on the basis of modern information technology. The branch uses a wide range of “UzASBO” directions to carry out all accounting activities carried out by the accounting department.

    In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 30, 2013 No. 63 “On the activities of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the system of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan and budget countries to modernize and develop modern information technologies” By July 1, 2013, the task was to develop a computer line “UzASBO”.

    UzASBO computer lines have a number of conveniences and opportunities, such as the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, accounting developed by various ministries, including the Ministry of Finance. The database is stored in special centralized services, and each entered data can be entered in the archive with the same number of days.

    In addition, this computer orientation creates great opportunities for accountants. It should be noted that salaries and stipends can be calculated quickly and accurately in this direction. It is possible to quickly deliver reports to the appropriate team via the Internet. It is possible to calculate on the spot with the help of a computer connected to the Internet. Along with these innovations, the capabilities facilitate the work of the accounting department and allow you to quickly do the accounting work.

    • budget expenditures, as well as extra-budgetary expenditures, should be directed to specific purposes, as well as control over monetary expenditures and valuables;
      to carry out accounting activities in accordance with the law;
      calculation of salaries and equivalent payments of employees, as well as scholarships for students of higher education institutions in the prescribed manner and in a timely manner;
      cash costs, accounts and valuables, as well as other activities and liabilities involved in the inventory activities, timely and accurate registration of inventory results and their formation in the accounting;
      keeping records of power of attorney issued for the receipt of valuables and control over their proper use;
      preparation and submission of financial statements in a timely manner;
      preparation of cost estimates and additional calculations for approval by the head of the institution;



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