Head of the Department of Natural and General Sciences

PhD, dots. Xudoyberdiev Fazlidin Isroilovich

  • Phone: +998 (61) 224-85-62

  • Faks: +998 (61) 224-04-43

  • E-mail: fazlidin.khudayberdiev@mail.ru
  • The department of “Natural and general disciplines” (hereinafter referred to as the department) was created by order of the rector of the Navoi State Mining Institute dated August 25, 2020, No. 1/332.

    The activities of the department are carried out on the basis of the “Model Law”, approved by order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 3, 2011 No. 487.

    The department is a structural subdivision of the Nukus branch of the Navoi State Mining Institute.

    The department carries out educational and methodological, scientific and methodological, research work, as well as training, advanced training and retraining of scientific and scientific and pedagogical personnel, as well as organizational, spiritual, educational and educational work.

    The department has state educational standards (SES), qualification requirements (CT), standard and working curricula of disciplines from “Basic Higher Education” of the areas of study specified in the curriculum for the academic year.

    Directions of study at the department:

    • 1.53111600-Mining
    • 2.5320400- Chemical and technological direction of education
    • 3.5320200-Mechanical technology, equipment and automation of mechanical engineering
    • 4.5311000-Automation and control of technological processes and production (by industry).

    Duties of the head of the department:

    • participation in the discussion and resolution of issues related to the activities of the department at the branch level;
    • develops a work plan for the department for the academic year, approves individual work plans for the teaching staff and staff, as well as other provisions within the framework of the department;
    • distributes the annual loads between the teachers of the department and monitors their timely and high-quality implementation;
    • Recruitment of teachers and staff of the department, dismissal to make, in accordance with the established procedure, proposals to the management of the branch on dismissal and appointment to new positions, on moral and material incentives, as well as on bringing to disciplinary responsibility;
    • In the activities of the department, educational, scientific and methodological, research, spiritual, moral and educational and organizational and methodological work is carried out, and the main areas of activity include:
    • training of highly qualified competitive personnel who meet the highest moral and ethical requirements at the level of developed democracies;
    • Regularly conduct and improve the comparative analysis of state educational standards, curricula and programs of specialties of the department with educational programs of developed foreign countries;
    • Introduction of modern pedagogical and information and communication technologies, assistance to young teachers in acquiring pedagogical skills and abilities, creation of an information base, development of modern teaching aids and elements of distance learning in teaching;
    • training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, discussion of candidate and doctoral dissertations at scientific seminars in the specialties of the department or related specialties;
    • Preparation of textbooks, teaching aids and visual aids in accordance with the requirements of the current new state standards, the creation of republished textbooks, teaching aids and teaching aids;
    • Carrying out the established types of training in disciplines at a high theoretical, scientific, methodological and professional level with ensuring the quality of training;
    • Development of cooperation in the field of education with foreign educational institutions.