Note to applicants

The applicant must submit the relevant documents to the Admissions Office, confirming that the relevant information is correctly entered into the database of applicants. Upon completion of the admission process, the applicant’s appeals (complaints) will not be considered.The applicant will take the test on the date and time specified in the permit. During the test, the applicant has the following rights:use the questionnaire as a draft;complete test assignments ahead of schedule, then hand over the test materials to the group supervisor in order and leave the test site.On the day of the test, the applicant will be allowed to enter the building until 07:00 (second shift at 13:00), until 07:30 (second shift at 13:30) only with the applicant’s permission and passport. In the first shift from 07:30 to 08:00, in the second shift from 14:30 to 15:00, in the second shift from 14:30 to 15:00:check the matching of the test booklet and the corresponding digital answer sheet numbers;check the completeness of the test materials and immediately notify the group supervisor if any defects are found;ensure that the answer sheet is completed correctly;write and sign the last name, first name, patronymic in the appropriate place on the cover of the test book and on the answer sheet;copy and paste the number of the answer sheet in the appropriate place on the applicant’s permit and title page;Copy the special code on the title page and the code of the educational institution to the correct place on the answer sheet and fill in the appropriate circles.In addition to the above obligations, the applicant is personally responsible for:fill in the answer sheet with a ballpoint pen;do not fold the answer sheet, do not write on the marker line, do not paint the circles under the answer sheet number;fill in the answer sheet correctly, as it is the main document determining the level of knowledge;by the end of the allotted time, fill in the appropriate circles of the answer sheet in the appropriate order number, handing over the test book and the corresponding answer sheet to the group supervisor, completing the test tasks available in the test book.Test assignments are designed in accordance with the curricula of general secondary and secondary special, general education subjects of vocational education.Applicants take a test in one, two or three subject areas, depending on the field of study chosench subject in the test book contains 30 test items.There is 1 hour for 30 test items, 2 hours for 60 test items, and 3 hours for 90 test items to complete the test (including the answer sheet).Each test item has 4 alternative answers (“A”, “V”, “S”, “D”).The entrant must mark only one answer for each test task, and the answers that are considered correct in the test book will color one of the numbered circles in the appropriate order on the answer sheet (the answers painted on the answer sheet cannot be changed). ). A test will not be graded if the “Sample for Marking” rule on the answer sheet is not followed, including if one test item does not have the appropriate circle on the answer sheet, or if two or more circles are painted or not completely colored.Applicants are not allowed to leave the group during the test, and those who leave will not be allowed to retake the test. Except in cases of withdrawal from the group under observation without test materials in cases of adverse health effects.In the following cases, the applicant will be excluded from the testing process and the results will not be issued:attempts to bring in a microcalculator, dictionary, spreadsheet, book, mobile phone, computer, telecommunications equipment and other devices, cribs at the entrance to the test site or building, enters them or uses them during the test;transmits or assists test materials to another applicant;takes the test materials out of the building, tears the page of the test book, refuses to submit the test materials at the end of the time allotted for the test;during the test it is determined by video surveillance that the entrant did not follow the rules and regulations.