Inspector of the Educational and Methodological Department of the Nukus branch of the Navoi State Mining Institute


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  • From the first days of independence in our country, the President has been paying serious attention to education. As a result of this attention, to this day, our students receive education that fully meets world standards, acquire a profession, are brought up in the spirit of love for the Motherland; All opportunities have been created for our professors and teachers to provide quality education and continuously improve their skills. This is a clear example of improving the quality of the Law on Education, the National Training Program. In addition, the President attaches great importance to the development of education “On further development of the system of learning foreign languages” No. 1533 “On strengthening the material and technical base of higher education institutions, as well as further improving the quality of training highly qualified personnel.” Decree No. 4456 of 1875 “On further improvement of the system of training and certification of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel”, Cabinet of Ministers “On improving the system of determining the ranking of higher educational institutions of the Republic” Resolution No. 1 imposes even greater responsibilities on every professional working in the field of education. The team of the Nukus branch of the Navoi State Mining Institute, which has its own place in the education system of our country, is well aware of these responsibilities.

    At present, our branch has 1 department and 24 professors and teachers teach students in 4 bachelor’s degrees. Our teaching staff includes 1 doctor of sciences, 6 candidates of sciences and associate professors, 2 senior teachers, 15 assistant teachers.

    Video projectors have been installed in 2 large auditoriums of the branch, and conditions have been created for our professors and teachers to teach lectures with the help of modern pedagogical technologies. In addition, 6 classrooms are equipped with video surveillance cameras.

    Currently, there is 1 inspector and 1 clerk in the educational and methodical department of the institute.

    The educational-methodical department under the direction of the deputy director on educational work together with departments carries out the following work:

    Ensuring the implementation of decisions and instructions of higher organizations, ministry decisions, orders, instructions related to the educational process;
    Preparation of approval of curricula for specialties of the bachelor’s degree program, developed in accordance with the requirements of the state educational standard, taking into account the requirements of the university working curricula, production;
    Develop and prepare for approval working curricula in disciplines relevant to their curricula for undergraduate majors;
    Determining the staffing of departments, taking into account the workload of the general institute and the contingent of students, as well as recommending the recruitment of teaching staff in accordance with the regulations;
    Nomination of candidates for approval by the Ministry of Heads of State Certification Commissions;
    Recommend the composition of state certification commissions and monitor their activities;
    To study the provision of textbooks, manuals and other literature to students on the blocks of curricula in accordance with the state standard;
    Provision of complete educational and methodical complexes of subjects in the curriculum, their updating;