Head of the Department of Youth Affairs, Spirituality and Enlightenment

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  • Email: nizam.qididrniyazov2929@gmail.com
  • The department of spiritual and moral education supervises the spiritual and educational work carried out at the university, the coordination of the instructions set out in the normative documents of the department, the spiritual and educational work of departments, public works and departments. to generalize experiences, to prepare and publish literature, to implement measures aimed at shaping the spiritual world of students.

    General rules

    The department is formed on the basis of the order of the branch director;
    The working group of the department consists of leading specialists of the branch in this field, professors and teachers;
    The department is headed by the Deputy Director for Spiritual and Ethical Affairs;
    Deans of faculties, heads of departments of the department also work together with group leaders in the organization of their activities;
    Works in accordance with the charter of the Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education; based on current and future work plans.

    • It consists of educating students in the spirit of loyalty to national and universal values, broadening their spiritual and aesthetic outlook, raising their thinking, protecting them from various attacks of popular culture, turning them away from these ways, shaping them to become true devotees of independent Uzbekistan. .
      Carrying out of actions connected with spiritual and enlightenment work carried out in our country;
      To establish the formation of spiritual and moral, aesthetic, political, legal, noble qualities among students;
      Organization of conferences, meetings based on national traditions and values;
      Facilitate the formation of work carried out in order to form the mental and physical abilities of students;
      Determination of spiritual and moral education in the branch, development of necessary normative documents and recommendations;
      Formation of spiritual and moral work together with the city and district departments of the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment, as well as funds and social organizations serving the country.
    • Supervision of spiritual and moral work in the faculties;
      Checking the implementation of the orders of the Ministry of Spiritual and Moral Affairs in the faculties;
      Regularly participates in meetings related to the election of deputies of the Dean for spiritual and moral affairs, as well as their dismissal with their recommendations;
      Provides instructions and recommendations to the deans of faculties and heads of departments on spiritual and moral issues;
      Supervises and evaluates the full implementation of the item related to the field of “Spiritual and educational work” in the annual workload of professors and teachers;
      At the end of each semester reports to the head of the department on the work of the deputy deans for spiritual and moral education;
      Forms spiritual and moral work, makes recommendations for material and spiritual encouragement of the community of the department, faculty, department, which set a good example.